OBC Tech Center, Inc.

Office Supplies (Ink, Paper, Toner, etc)
Used Books (For Sale or Trade)
Computer Sales and Repair
Web Page Design and Hosting
Internet Access
Security Cameras and Recorders
Income Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, since 1984
Faxing, Copying, UPS Shipping and More
Greg Nielsen is a Licensed Residential Builder and MSU Master Gardner
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OBC Tech Center
PO Box 26
135 N Michigan Ave
Shelby MI 49455
Ph. 231-861-6339
Fax 231-861-0575

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Question: So what does Office Supplies, Used Books, Computers, Web Page Design, Security Cameras, Income Tax Preparation and Construction all have in common?

Answer: Not a whole lot.  Most would say nothing at all.  But Greg Nielsen (President and Owner of OBC Tech Center, Inc.) is involved with all these things.  All under the same roof.  Please feel free to click on any of the menu options to the left to learn more about each aspect of the business... or the businesses actually... since the one location houses Nielsen Tax Prep, LLC and Greg Nielsen "Licensed Builder" as well as OBC Tech Center, Inc.  

More to come?  Perhaps.  But not just yet.  Be sure to check back here to find out though.

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Free Information:

Visit the various pages of this site (see links to the left) for Web Blogs.  Each blog will be updated as something of interest comes along.  Especially useful will be the Computer Blog... all kinds of free information and educational articles will be found there.  Learn to Utilize the Web.  You may want to set this page as your home page for easy access (see link to the left).  Failing that, be sure to add this site to your Favorites (or Bookmarks, depending on which browser you are using).  P.S. If the words "blogs", "browser" and/or any other term doesn't mean anything to you then click here to start learning today!

What will you find by clicking the various links on this page?

You can save gas!  You don't have to drive to Muskegon to get ink for the same price as you can get it in Shelby.  Same goes for computer repairs, used books, web pages, internet access, security cameras, and income tax preparation.  All comparable in price if not cheaper!

The "Links Page" has tons of info!  From other clients who have their websites worked on or hosted by OBC to information on Oceana County to interesting sites all over the web grouped by category.

"About us" has more information on OBC including hours of operation and credit cards accepted.  Check out all the links if you have the time, if not, please come back again soon!

Detroit Lions?

Be warned.  That link will take you to a web site which will only make sense to a Detroit Lions fan.  Written by some guy who goes by the name of NetRat online.  

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